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Returning Graduate Student Lottery Information and Results for 2019-2020

Guaranteed Housing Cut-Off

  • Singles/Groups between 1 and 107 will be offered housing.
  • Couples between 1 and 188 will be offered housing.
  • Families between 1 and 178 will be offered housing.

Students that have requested to change locations or move in from non-Caltech housing will be receiving an email with an appointment time for Wednesday, May 15th to come in and choose their new assignment.  Not everyone that made the cut-off is eligible for their first choice of housing, so others that requested to squat may also be receiving an appointment to choose their fall housing assignment.  Everyone who has a guaranteed space will be receiving a full confirmation email with their fall assignment after May 15th.

If you are not part of the guaranteed cut-off, please check back here to see if there has been any movement on the wait list.  There is an “updated as of” date on the top left corner of the page.  Updates shall only be posted Monday through Friday.

Residents who did not enter the housing lottery or who did not make the guaranteed housing cut-off will be required to vacate their on-campus housing by the end of the 2018-2019 housing contract on July 31, 2019.  Residents who are graduating this June must advise the Housing Office at least 15 days before moving by submitting the Intent to Vacate/Room Move Form. There is no contract cancellation fee for residents vacating during the summer period (May 1 - July 31, 2019).

As indicated in the Lottery Rules/Information 2019-2020, students that applied as a group or couple only receive one lottery number.


May 1st – July 31st Notify Housing Office if vacating during the summer (Intent to Vacate Form)
May 15th Appointments with Housing Office to choose alternate or new assignment
May 31st 2019-2020 contracts due to the Housing Office, otherwise fall reservation will be forfeited
May 1st – July 31st No cancellation fee for current 2018-2019 housing contract
June 15th   Last day to cancel 2019-2020 housing reservation without penalty
Jun 16th – Aug 31st There will be a $200.00 fee to cancel 2019-2020 housing reservation
July 31st by 12:00 noon End of 2018-2019 housing contract.
Last day for residents without 2019-2020 housing assignments to vacate housing
July 30th – Aug 1st Move period for residents with new housing assignments that have not moved yet
September 1st Start of 2019-2020 housing contract.
After September 1st If Resident terminates his/her contract with fifteen (15) days written notice to Housing Office without cause or for any cause other than a permissible cause as set forth in the grad contract, there is a fee of $350.00.
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