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Student Storage Information

Update on 8/3/2020:

Please see our Storage and Shipping FAQ page for more information.

Update on 7/15/2020:

Dear Caltech Students:

We hope this note finds you healthy and safe!

We are writing to provide an update on the retrieval process of your personal belongings that were left on campus. Your belongings remain safe and sound and are being stored in the Athletic Center's Brown Gym. We would like to return your items to you this summer, if possible.  We know some of you are hoping to return in the fall and would like to wait for those decisions to be final and that is fine!  But for the rest of you, please read on.

If you are ABLE to come collect your belongings, please contact us at by July 31st, 2020 with date and time information when you can come to campus (during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm in either July or August) so we can arrange to get you your belongings. Please also indicate if you have items stored at the Gym, in your house/building, or both. We will try to accommodate your time request but may need to adjust the schedule to allow for social distancing.

Here are some instructions for retrieving your items from campus:

  • At your chosen scheduled pick up time, your belongings will be brought to the Brown gym entryway for your retrieval.
  • Be prepared to load your vehicle yourself and/or bring someone from your household to help you with this task.
  • Plan to remove ALL your belongings and have an appropriately sized vehicle (SUV, truck, van, U-Haul) to haul your belongings away.
  • If you need an estimate of how many items you have, please contact
  • Dumpsters will be available at the pick-up site; unwanted items may be pitched there.
  • To limit traffic and crowding, each pick-up time slot will be limited to 20 minutes/student. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled arrival time.

If you have an individual situation you want to discuss or if you have questions or concerns, please email and we will be happy to help figure out a solution. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Caltech Student Affairs

Update on 4/1/2020:

Hello Students!

As of today, April 1, 2020, the undergraduate residences have been cleared of all personal belongings.  Given the rush of packing, we did pretty well with getting items labeled. Thank you!

This note is to share information about how Student Affairs is managing your on-campus belongings:

  1. Over the last two weeks, students' belongings have been moved to the gym for storage. Staff members from housing, facilities, transportation, and dining services delivered all these items to the gym. We all owe them a big thank you! 
  2. The next phase will be to organize these items (>3000 boxes) by person (~700) in an orderly grid in Brown Gym. Our athletic department staff members have been the ground force cataloging and organizing stored items. Please remember to thank them also when you get your stuff back!
  3. Some of the boxes were not properly labeled, and only have a room number or the house name. We have sorted this small number of boxes separately to manage the items on a case by case basis.
  4. Once all items have been cataloged, the staff will establish a retrieval process that will accommodate a variety of students' needs and schedules.
  5. Please do not request access to your items at this time. The Athletic Department will be in contact after April 19th with information about this process and the timeframe for accessing the facility.

I hope it helps you to know that your stuff is safely stored, and we are all working to support you during this extraordinary time. Please stay safe and healthy as you start the new term and don't forget to take PE classes or the very least, get up and move every day! Good luck and remember to be patient with yourselves in this new format, it will stretch you in many new ways!

Betsy Mitchell

Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation