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Student Storage Information

Update on 6/22/2021:

When campus was abruptly closed during March 2020, any student belongings that were left behind in their rooms were boxed and stored at the gym. Larger furniture items were moved to a central storage location in each residence. As students have graduated, the Institute has worked with them to have their items shipped back to graduates. As other students have returned to the Pasadena area, we have also worked to schedule appointments for students to pick up their belongings. Finally, as we reopened to a limited number of undergraduates for Summer 2021, we relocated their belongings to their summer housing assignments.

As we prepare for reopening more broadly for Fall 2021, we are happy to continue to help reunite students with their belongings. If you return to the area and would like to pick up your items from the gym, please email to schedule an appointment.

Here are some instructions for retrieving your items from campus:

  • At your chosen scheduled pick up time, your belongings will be brought to the Brown gym entryway for your retrieval.
  • Be prepared to load your vehicle yourself and/or bring someone from your household to help you with this task.
  • Plan to remove ALL your belongings and have an appropriately sized vehicle (SUV, truck, van, U-Haul) to haul your belongings away.
  • If you need an estimate of how many items you have, please contact
  • Dumpsters will be available at the pick-up site; unwanted items may be pitched there.
  • To limit traffic and crowding, each pick-up time slot will be limited to 20 minutes/student. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled arrival time.
If you are looking to pick up larger items or other belongings stored in the residences, you may schedule an appointment by submitting a request to Student Housing through the AiM Customer Portal. Due to current restrictions on non-resident guests, appointments for pickup at the residences are limited to Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9 and 11:30 AM.

For students who will not return until Fall 2021, we will be in touch about your items, and we plan to deliver items to your fall assignment prior to your arrival to cut down traffic over at the gym.

If you have an individual situation you want to discuss or if you have questions or concerns, please email and we will be happy to help figure out a solution. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.