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Storage and Shipping FAQs

Q: I have items in the Brown gym, how do I retrieve them? 

A: You can come get your things during regular business hours; we are happy to help.  Please schedule an appointment by emailing 


Q: How much notice do you need to meet me in the gym? 

A: 48 hours, please. 


Q: I don't know if I will be back in the fall, can I wait to learn more before coming to get my things? 

A: If you think you may be on campus or in the Pasadena area for the fall, please let us know that this is your plan and we will hold your things until you return in September, but it is important that we know so we can coordinate our planning. You can update us on your plans by emailing 


Q: What will happen to my items if I cannot come pick them up? 

A: You may have a friend or designee pick up your belongings during your appointment or if you are out of the area, please let us know your individual circumstances by emailing us ay 


Q: Can I leave my items in storage for the year and get them next year? 

A: No, we need the space in the gym for classes so we need to help you retrieve your belongings. 


Q: Can I have my items shipped? 

A: We will be coordinating a shipping process for folks who cannot come to campus. Please know that senior shipping is of the highest priority and then we will develop a process for helping you with your belongings. 


Q: What if I need something that is stored, but I cannot come to campus? 

A:  We are unable to collect individual items from storage.  But we will help you retrieve your all of your belongings. 


Q: What will the shipping process look like? 

A: Students will be given appointments for video call with Caltech staff and a shipping company to go through the boxes of items and determine if there are items to be discarded. The shipping company will then pack and ship the items to your current address. 

Q: What if I am uncomfortable having a staff member go through my belongings? 

A: You may designate someone to come pick up your items and send them outside this process, but we need to make sure we are sending only appropriate and safe items. 


Q: What if I miss my appointment? 

A: If you find that you may be late or unable to make your appointment, please let us know by emailing or calling the Housing Office during business hours (626-395-6176). We can reschedule you at a time that remains open in the schedule. 


Q: If I come for fall term, will I be able to put things back into storage at the end of the term? 

A: No, you will be expected to remove all of your belongings and take them with you after the fall term. 


Q: If I stored items in my house storage, can I have them shipped? 

A: No, if you had items stored in your house, we will be scheduling individual days for people to come and retrieve these items. Otherwise, they will remain in your house storage areas until you return to campus. 


Q: If I had large items left in my room, what is happening to them? 

A: These items have been moved to a central house storage location and they will remain there until you return to campus.  


Q: Can I have my large items/furniture shipped to me? 

A: No. If you want your large items, you can come pick them up, designate someone else to pick them up, or we will donate or dispose of the items for you. 


Q: What if I don't know who packed my room? 

A: If you left your items in your room when you departed and you did not ask a friend/roommate to pack your items, they were packed by Housing and Dining staff and moved to the gym for storage. 


Q: What if my things are part of a packed box with more than one person's name on it? 

A: If you are coming to retrieve your items in person, you will be able to remove your items from the box and we will return it to storage until the other people can come to campus or have shipping coordinated. If you are having your items shipped from multi-person boxes, we can either schedule an appointment with everyone or we can go through the boxes with individuals to determine which items should be shipped and to which person. 


Q: What is the deadline to pick up my items or arrange for them to be shipped? 

A: We need the gym cleared out by the start of fall term, so shipping will be coordinated for those who cannot come to campus in August and September. 


Q: What is the procedure once I arrive on campus to pick up my things? Where do I park and load my items? 

A: At your chosen scheduled pick up time, your belongings will be brought to the eastern Brown gym entryway for your retrieval. 
     •   Be prepared to load your vehicle yourself and/or bring someone from your household to help you with this task. 
     •   Plan to remove ALL your belongings and have an appropriately sized vehicle (SUV, truck, van, U-Haul) to haul your belongings away. 
                 o   If you need an estimate of how many items you have, please contact 
     •   Dumpsters will be available at the pick-up site; unwanted items may be pitched there. 
     •   To limit traffic and crowding, each pick-up time slot will be limited to 20 minutes/student. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled arrival time. 


Q: What if I notice that my stored items are broken or are missing? Is there a process for reporting this? 

A: We regret that there may be broken or damaged items.  The boxes were handled with care, but we were also managed more than 700 student loads.   We hope you understand. 


Q: If I don't want the items I left behind, will someone throw them away for me? 

A: Yes, we are happy to discard anything unwanted.